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Aircraft Cabin Flooring Solutions

The Service

The Atlantic Aviation Group DOA team can provide expertise with aircraft cabin flooring reconfigurations to all common aircraft types. Our team can develop Carpet, Non-Textile Flooring (NTF) and Emergency Escape Path Marking System (EEPMS) layouts to suit a customer’s requirements. These may include:

  • Cost-reduction – Reduce maintenance costs and downtime by switching to a Photoluminescent EEPMS, or a newer carpet type.
  • Rebranding – a range of Carpet, NTF & EEPMS colours and designs can be selected to suit your cabin.
  • Refurbishment – we can provide a cost-effective solution to refurbish your cabin.
  • Fleet commonality – We can work with you to standardise the interior layout across your fleet.

In addition, our team provides burn certification for materials using our third-party testing house and provide approved materials kits for the above. Furthermore, we work with third-party vendors & suppliers to supply materials kits to any location worldwide.

Aircraft Type(s)

Suitable for all aircraft types.


The Design Change is classified as an EASA Part 21J MINOR Design Change.

However, please note the embodiment of a new type of EEPMS is classified as a MAJOR Design Change (STC). This concurrent Design Change approval will be provided by the EEPMS supplier.

Atlantic Aviation Group EASA Part 21J Design Organisation with Minor Change approval deliver the Design Change package. Therefore, included in this package are installation drawings and an approved SB for installation of floor coverings on nominated aircraft. Guidance drawings are provided for the embodiment of the new EEPMS.


  • Highly experienced in all common aircraft types
  • Cost-effective and competitive pricing
  • Customer-focused & flexible to meet your requirement
  • Can deliver approved materials kits to any location worldwide

Tech Specifications

  • Photoluminescent Emergency Escape Path Marking Systems (EEPMS) carry their own EASA approvals with a Major classification (STC). Atlantic Aviation Group works within the guidance of these modifications to develop a layout to suit your cabin configuration.
  • Also, we work with a third-party testing house to carry out our flammability testing for all aircraft cabin flooring solutions.
  • All materials are qualified and meet the requirements of EASA CS25.853 / FAR25.853 and are supplied with an EASA Form 1 or FAA 8130-3. In addition, tests are completed on non-standard materials in accordance with Appendix F Part 1 upon request.

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