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Low-Frequency Underwater Locator Beacon Installation

The Product & Service

Atlantic Aviation Group Design Services can supply a cost-effective solution to comply with the mandated requirement for installation of a Low-Frequency Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB). This service is suitable for Airlines and Lessors with 737-NG series or A320 Family aircraft seeking to comply with mandated national requirement for installation of an LF-ULB.

The Novega SID88 is a low-frequency Underwater Locator Beacon for aviation. Aircraft in service today are equipped with flight recorders with ULBs attached. The detectable acoustic range of the ULBs currently in use is limited due to their transmission frequency of 37.5 kHz. A low-frequency ULB transmitting at 8.8 kHz has a far longer detection range due to its lower frequency and therefore offers a perfect means of long-range underwater localisation.


In 2012, the International Civil Aviation Organization published the new standard for installation of an LF-ULB. ICAO Annex 6 – “Operation of aircraft” Amdt 36, published November 2012, states that an LF-ULB shall be installed on all aircraft with a take-off mass of over 27,000 kg, operating over water at specific distances to land suitable for making an emergency landing.

This requirement is mandated to come into effect in European (EASA) airspace by 1st January 2019 by Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/2338, paragraph CAT.IDE.A.285, 11th December 2015.

Aircraft Type(s)

  • All Boeing 737-NG Series aircraft.
  • Airbus A320 Family.


Installation of the Novega SID88 Low-Frequency ULB for B737-NG series aircraft is classified as an EASA Part 21J MINOR Design Change.

The Design Change package will be delivered by the Atlantic Aviation Group EASA Part 21J Design Organisation with Minor Change approval, installation drawings and an approved SB for installation on nominated aircraft.


  • Due to the existence of an internal lithium battery in LF-ULB units, these have typically been classified as a MAJOR Design Change by EASA (also known as an STC).
  • AAG Design Services have received EASA confirmation for a Minor classification for this installation.
  • Installation is accessible from the passenger compartment, meaning no additional means of detection is required.

Tech Specifications

  • Qualified to ETSO-C200a, ETSO-C142a, SAE AS6254a and ARINC Spec 677.
  • Supplied with an EASA Form 1 for the LF-ULB and installation kit.


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