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Registration Change Transition Package

The Service  

The DOA team at Atlantic Aviation Group can offer customers a package of aircraft changes required to transition an aircraft to a new registration or operator. This package is most suited for Airlines and Lessors who are changing the aircraft registration, ownership or operator. 

Aircraft Type(s) 

Suitable all aircraft types. 


Atlantic Aviation Group issue EASA Part 21J approved SBs for required changes and supply all required materials delivered to point of use for the nominated aircraft. 


This package includes all affected areas:

  • fireproof plates,
  • exterior decals,
  • avionics changes.

Tech Specifications

Our approach is flexible, cost effective and can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements and delivery schedule. 

The transition package provides a menu of changes which can be issued, and materials supplied for same, to facilitate change of registration, ownership, or operator, for the given aircraft or group of aircraft. Materials required will be defined when project is initiated and will be supplied in partnership with local suppliers. The package is split by area:

  1. Installation of Fireproof Plates & Temp Reg Decals

The aircraft registration, ownership, or operator, will change. Typical requirement is replacement of registration and ownership plates and application of temporary registration decals and/or livery change. 

  1. Ident Codes Change

Depending on the requirement of the national authority and operator’s requests, a minor change package will be provided to change the ATC Mode-S code, ELT code(s), SELCAL code, FDIU coding, etc. Replacement placards will be supplied where required, eg. SELCAL code placards. 


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