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Planning Led

We plan ahead so you can deliver on time.

The experience and knowledge we have accumulated over the past 60 years ensures that we can plan reliable and predictable customer outcomes on every project. Our processes and open communication ensures that everyone is committed and accountable to achieving on time delivery for each of our customers.

How do we do it?

1. Planning Led Organisation

Being a Planning led organisation, we are focused on project planning, preparation and support which results in improved performance, predictability and control.

2. Staging Process

We have devised a specialised staging concept which identifies potential unknowns early during the process so we can get you back in the air as fast as possible.


3. Open Communication Flow

Open communication and trust is the number priority at Atlantic Aviation Group. We have developed an open communication channel in which any potential issues or road blocks are raised and escalated from crew level right up to the production manager and planners. The progress of the project is openly displayed on the Hangar floor so everyone including the customer representatives understand exactly it is progressing.

4. Everyone is Responsible and Accountable

At Atlantic Aviation Group, on time delivery is EVERYONE’S responsibility and priority. From crew leader right through to the CEO we ensure each stage of the process is signed off and accounted for.