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With our long history maintaining and modifying aircraft, our engineering department has built a strong reputation for providing innovative solutions to our customers. Relationships have been developed to support this activity; with authorities, OEM’s, EASA Design Organisations, FAA DER’s, and other suppliers. Drawing on this experience and with access to aircraft and experts within the hangar, our Design Services can offer approval of STC cabin and electrical changes, minor changes to cabin interiors and avionics systems on large aircraft including Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Fokker, ATR and Bombradier. Atlantic Aviation Group is also a proud member of the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance, IAMA.

The DOA scope includes the following:

STC Changes to Cabin Interiors

  • Cabin Interiors
  • Cargo Compartments
  • Electrical Cabin Systems
  • Flight Deck Interiors

Minor Changes (and Repairs) to Cabin Interiors

  • Textile Refurbishment (e.g. carpet, curtains, seat covers, etc.)
  • Electrical Cabin Systems (see Avionic & Electrical Systems)
  • Emergency Equipment Installations
  • Seat Installations and Reconfigurations (LOPA changes)
  • Placards and Marking
  • Crew Rest Compartments
  • Galleys & Lavatories
  • Water & Waste, Oxygen and Air Conditioning
  • Interior Panel & Decorative Surfaces
  • Fire Protection Systems

Also includes:

  • External Livery, Placards and Markings
  • Flight Deck Changes
  • Cargo Compartment Changes

Our experienced Design Services team will provide a complete modification management support service for installations approved under our DOA, by the OEM or other third-party organisations from concept to final delivery.

STC Changes to Electrical Systems

  • Wireless Transmission Systems

Minor Changes to Avionic & Electrical Systems

Avionic Systems:

  • EFB Installations
  • Comm Systems
    • Datalink [CPDLC, etc.], Radio [VHF 8.33, HF, Satcom, etc.]
  • Navigation Systems
    • FMS, RNP, LPV, VOR, DME, GPS, Inertial NAV systems, etc.
  • Surveillance Systems
    • Transponder, TCAS, TAWS, Weather Radar, etc.
  • Indicating, Alerting, Recording and ACMS
  • Display Systems
  • External Lighting Systems

Electrical Cabin Systems:

  • In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)
  • Power Supply Systems (PSS)
  • Mission and Cabin Monitoring Systems (int. cameras, electrical equip’t…)
  • Emergency Lighting (e.g. Escape Path Marking)
  • Mobile Communication Systems
  • WLAN Systems

COVID-19 Solutions

Our team are helping customers respond promptly to the developments of COVID-19, and the impact it is making to airlines.




Atlantic Aviation Group is a proud member of IAMA, powered by expertise.