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LOPA – Layout of Passenger Accommodations

The Product/Service

A Study LOPA for Cabin Reconfigurations. With uncertainty surrounding new cabin layouts, lessors and operators are seeking Study LOPAs to evaluate Cabin Reconfiguration options and associated costs. A Study LOPA will confirm one or several possible cabin configurations for a given aircraft and set of seats. The AAG Design Services team will provide a Study LOPA and advise on benefits and drawbacks of proposed configurations, as well as the Engineering & Materials costs associated with the change.

Aircraft Type(s)

All aircraft types.


LOPA changes to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to confirm design change classification.


Creating a Study LOPA can be beneficial, allowing a sample of layouts to be evaluated in a cost-effective manner.

A Study LOPA presents a customer with a sample of layout configurations allowing the customer to assess the suitability and viability of a proposed configuration.

Tech Specifications

A typical LOPA Change will require several concurrent cabin changes, all of which AAG offer as a Design Services package;

  • Seating Layout (LOPA) change.
  • PSU Layout change.
  • Emergency Equipment Layout
  • Floor path marking system installation.
  • Carpet installation.
  • Curtin installations.
  • Monument installation and removal.

For PSU reconfigurations of Airbus aircraft, AAG Design Change Package includes an update of CAM database to suit new PSU arrangement and any concurrent CAM database changes.