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Meet Sandra Mungovan, Accounts Administrator

Meet Sandra Mungovan, Accounts Administrator

Sandra began her career at Atlantic Aviation Group in 2018 and is a key member of our Finance team. Working as an Accounts Administrator, Sandra’s role involves managing the company’s financial processes which involves a variety of tasks some of which include answering queries, completing requests and partnering with approvers to ensure payroll is completed accurately and on time. We caught up with Sandra to learn more about her experience in Atlantic Aviation Group. 


Can you tell me about yourself and your career so far?  When did you join the team at Atlantic Aviation Group and how has your experience been?

I like to make things work and make sense of them (or try to!) so leaned towards maths then accounting early on. After nearly 2 decades in a successful family run service company, 2018 saw my aviation life begin in AAG, originally as a contractor for 6 weeks which later converted to permanent employment. It is best described with the single word, Variety, which I love. Be it with challenges and solutions, smiles and laughter, deadlines and successes, there have been many rewards along the way.

What inspired you to work in aviation (Aircraft Maintenance/Design/CAMO/Training)?

I call it luck that brought me to aviation and possibly AAG specifically that could keep me here until retirement!

Can you describe to me what it is like to work in your department/team?

When in the office you could hear a pin drop while we are focused on individual tasks, collaborative while queries are resolved or assistance shared, or best of all, loud with hilarity for moments too (our office neighbours can verify!). Currently, we are working from home and often the brightest part of the day is that first team call as 6 of us come together to share, plan and support as we need

What is a typical day at work for you? What are some of your favourite tasks to do/projects to work on?

It can start at 7am or 9am dependant on the financial or payroll cycle, finishing early or late too. As AAG as grown, there are a gazillion enquiries, requests and checks while partnering with approvers as we strive for the perfect payroll. Pre-Covid I enjoyed visiting others for discussions particularly if I needed to pass by the hangar which is such a hive of activity that I find it energising. I like hitting a tight deadline with time to spare, helping a colleague or finding that difference, simple yet satisfying tasks that add up to a good day.

What are the benefits to working in AAG?

AAG has a great employment package, positive people culture, diversity, progressive management who know your name, as well as giving occasional surprises throughout the year (Easter eggs/ice creams/breakfasts to name a few). It completes a working environment most should seek.

What’s your favourite thing about working in AAG?

Flexitime is my favourite. Being able to balance the longer hours during my deadline driven weekly/fortnightly/monthly goals and shorter days in between, helps get closer to that ideal personal work/life balance

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Choosing one is a challenge but being able to give everyone what they need before they know they need it would cover everything. You want to fly, good health, a financial or weather forecast? World Peace? Done:)


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