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Meet Michael Guinane, Project Leader

At Atlantic Aviation Group (AAG), we take pride in guiding our people to set and achieve their career goals. In this week’s #TalentThursday, meet Michael Guinane – Project Leader in Atlantic Aviation Group.


What inspired you to work in Aircraft Maintenance?

I was interested in engineering and machines from an early age. Coming into this industry, I was interested in the technology, both new and old, that was used to repair aircraft. This technology exposes a person to a broad range of skills (mechanic, sheet metal, painting, avionic etc.), each day you come across a different issue or repair which means you are constantly learning. I also enjoy travelling and with this career there are a lot of opportunities to travel for certain projects which is a great way to see different parts of the world.

Where did you work prior to AAG?

After completing my Leaving Certificate, I enrolled in an apprenticeship in vehicle body repair and worked as a motor technician in a local garage. I joined AAG as a direct entry technician in 2001 and completed the conversion training course to aircraft maintenance.

How long have you been an employee in AAG and what positions have you held since you began your career here? 

I started in AAG on the 2nd of January 2001, when I was 18 years old. I became part of the sheet metal team and then progressed to the Crew Leader role in 2005. From there I moved to the Crew Leader position on flight controls in 2008. Following on from that I received my EASA B1 Engineers License in 2010 and completed type courses allowing me to become a B1 Licensed Engineer on the Boeing 737,757 and 767 aircraft.

What is your current role in the AAG and what does a day in AAG look like for you?

Currently, I am the Line 1 Project Leader in our Part 145 facility.  I started the role in 2016 and I’m responsible for the on time and safe delivery of our customer’s aircraft. Most days are busy liaising with crew leads, customers and management, discussing the milestones of the aircraft and dealing with all the issues arising on the customer’s aircraft.

What are the benefits to working in AAG?

I have a very “long” 9 minute commute work but, if the traffic is bad that rises to 11 minutes! I am lucky to be home with my family in the evenings. For a person willing to apply themselves and put in the work, there are many career progression opportunities within the company and the aviation industry.

What’s your favorite thing about working in AAG?

The people on our production floor are some of the most highly skilled and qualified mechanics and engineers in the world. Our training school, the Atlantic Aviation Institute, provides top class aviation and executive courses to everyone within the company that stand to them in their chosen career direction. There is a great team spirit between the crews and everyone works hard to send out a safe aircraft that performs well in service until its next maintenance visit.

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