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Meet Dermot McCarthy, Structures Lead

At Atlantic Aviation Group (AAG), we take pride in guiding our people to set and achieve their career goals. In this week’s #TalentThursday, meet Dermot McCarthy our Structures Lead at Atlantic Aviation Group.


What inspired you to work in Aircraft Maintenance?

I had a brother who trained with the Atlantic Aviation Group back when it was SRS, he knew I was interested in working with my hands and advised me to apply for the apprenticeship.

Where did you work prior to AAG?

I never worked anywhere else, I left secondary school and began my apprenticeship with the company in September 1998.

How long have you been an employee in AAG and what positions have you held since you began your career here? 

I will be 20 years with the company this month. I began as an apprentice mechanic and spent the first 2 years moving through the various A/C zones gaining experience.

In my 3rd year I began working with the Structures crew and settled in that position.

After a few years I became Crew Leader and began to develop the crew and our abilities as a group and as individuals. In 2014 I gained a P1 Structures stamp giving me Major Structures approval across all Boeing types, this was the first approval of that kind in the company and I was quite proud to have achieved it.

What is your current role in AAG and what does a day in AAG look like for you?

In mid-2018 I began the new role of “Structures Lead” this position was created to develop and expand our Structural capabilities internally, improve our planning and scheduling of Structures work in the future, develop our Tooling to make us more efficient. Work with training and HR on training and recruitment of suitable personnel.

The “Structures Lead” position is a new and challenging role, most of my time is spent researching past history on customers A/C to create a profile of each aircraft so we can begin to pre-empt incoming defects and plan accordingly in relation to Manpower, Tooling, parts etc.

Also researching the work which has been outsourced in the past to see if we could take control of it in house with some investment.

Working with training on development of potential in house Sheet metal workers and inspectors, also with HR to review external applicants for suitability.

What are the benefits to working in AAG?

Its is very suited to me working in AAG in Shannon as it only takes 35 minutes for me to travel to and from work. It suits family life for schools too. I like working with AAG as I feel my ideas are listened to and I feel that if you put yourself out there and give practical solutions you will be seen as a valued member.

What’s your favorite thing about working in AAG?

For me it’s the people, I have worked here for nearly 20 years and I must say that the company has had the ability and a bit of luck to recruit some of the most hardworking, dedicated and driven individuals who are keen on fixing the problems presented daily and also finding faster and better ways to do it.

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