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Meet Justin Cahill


Why did you decide to do an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Apprenticeship?

My mother showed me the advert from the paper. I have always had an interest in mechanics and after two years out of school this was too big an opportunity to miss out on.

Were you are always interested in aviation?

No, working in aviation was completely new to me. I had been very interested in design and engineering and would consider myself a practical and mechanical type of person.

What did you like about the Apprenticeship Training provided by Atlantic Aviation Group?

I like that what we are doing is providing the ultimate safety for people flying. Working with Atlantic Aviation Group, you are given responsibility very quickly, people trust you and give you the opportunity to prove yourself. The type of work you have exposure to is very advanced. When working in Atlantic Aviation Group, you make friends for life.

What is your typical day like working as an Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

It can vary from day to day and most of the time we are learning something new. You get to see all aspects of maintenance of the airplane which is great.

How would you describe the Trainers and Atlantic Aviation Group?

The Trainers are great. They put you through your paces and make sure that you know the technical information behind a job that you’re doing and that’s great.

Do you think you’ve chosen the right career path?

Yes, I think it’s a very good career path. This qualification is recognised throughout Europe so it gives you huge potential and options at a very young age. For example, if you like theory you can become an Inspector or if you are more interested in office work there are number of other opportunities for you.

What would your advice be to someone thinking of doing an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Apprenticeship with Atlantic Aviation Group?

If you’re interested in being a mechanic this is the top level of engineering. Attention to detail is really important as you were dealing with safety at the highest level.