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Meet Danny Quinn-Drumgoole


Applications for our 2020
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Apprenticeship
will open from March 23rd 2020 until May 1st 2020.

Why did you decide to do an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Apprenticeship?

I had a choice of going to college or going for an Apprenticeship right out of secondary school. I applied for both but decided on the Apprenticeship because I felt it was a quicker and more secure route to a career.

Were you always interested in aviation?

To be honest, not really. I thought planes were cool but I had no interest in watching them or studying them. Since I’ve started working with planes however I’ve become slowly more interested on the intricacies of how they work.

What do you like about the Apprenticeship training provided by Atlantic Aviation Group?

I like that we’re not just stuck in a classroom day in day out. We get proper experience on live aircraft. There are lengths of the Apprenticeship that involve heavy classroom work but they are split up with on the job experience. The book work isn’t all that bad either if your interested in how things work.

What is your typical day like working as an Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

One day I could be shadowing an experienced mechanic during a difficult task, the next day I could be on my own performing any of the tasks we’ve been trained in. Because it’s a live hangar the workload is constantly shifting and we have to manage our training around that. It can be a challenge especially when we’re being pushed to get a plane out on time but in the end training is and should always be the number one concern.

How would you describe the Trainers at Atlantic Aviation Group?

The Trainers know their stuff. They are on site and are more than willing to give a hand with paperwork or answer any practical questions we have. They understand what needs to be done to have a successful Apprenticeship.

What would your advice be to someone thinking about doing an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Apprenticeship with Atlantic Aviation Group?

My advice would be to apply regardless. If you are good with your hands and want to just get straight into a work place I’d highly recommend it. After 1 year of training, you are ready to work on the floor on live aircraft.

How can I apply to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Apprenticeship Programme?

Applications for our 2020 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Apprenticeship will open from March 23rd 2020 until May 1st 2020. Those interested can learn more about the programme, and how you can apply, visit our website here.