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Meet Ben Lucas


2017 IrelandSkills aircraft maintenance champion Ben Lucas explains why he joined the Atlantic Aviation Group apprenticeship and what what it is like to do an aircraft maintenance apprenticeship. 

Why did you decide to do an aircraft maintenance engineer apprenticeship?

I am from an agricultural background and I have always had a big interest in machinery, tractors, cars and anything mechanical so when the opportunity came along to apply to be an aircraft mechanic, I jumped at it.

Were you always interested in aviation?

From a young age seeing the trans-Atlantic flights or the Coast guard helicopter pass over my house has always amazed me with the ”magic” of how an aircraft flies.

What do you like about the apprentice training provided by Atlantic Aviation Group?

I like the fact that apprentice training doesn’t just stop in the class room or with the trainers. Everybody on the hangar floor are really helpful and more than willing to guide and mentor you with any task or job. I also like that as an apprentice there is no holding you back, you are thrown right in at the deep end and get the chance to really get stuck in and show what you’re made of. There really is no shortage of challenges which keeps work interesting.

What is your typical day like working as an apprentice aircraft maintenance engineer?

No two days are the same. there is constantly something different happening. There is always something new to learn or a problem to solve.
As an apprentice, you get to work on all areas of the aircraft be it engines and landing gear, wings and tail, cabin or structures. This huge exposure to the entire aircraft and the knowledge that is passed down from other crew members is what really makes AAG apprentices fly high.

How would you describe the trainers at Atlantic Aviation Group?

Exceptional. The whole training department are a wealth of knowledge and experience. There is a great dynamic between trainers and apprentices.

Do you think you’ve chose the right career path?

I am very proud to say what type of work I do. The pathways really open up once you qualify and that is great to know while you’re doing the apprenticeship.

What would your advice be to someone thinking about doing an aircraft maintenance engineer apprenticeship with Atlantic aviation group?

If you are mechanically minded and have an interest in learning and challenging yourself then the Atlantic Aviation Group Apprenticeship is for you.

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