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COVID-19 Decal & Placard Installation

One of the biggest challenges airlines look to face is ensuring passengers and crew adhere to social distancing and personal hygiene guidelines. As airlines seek to adjust their service to adhere to global advice, Atlantic Aviation Group can assist customers in the installation of interior placards and exterior decals.

The Service

Interior Placards to be applied throughout the passenger compartment to areas such as;

  • Seatbacks & trays
  • Lavatories (doors [interior and exterior] & above sink basin)
  • Galley areas (advisory for crew)

Exterior Decals to be applied throughout to the Exterior fuselage at any passenger entry doors. Customisable placards inform passengers & crew on airlines operating policy on social distancing, mask usage, lavatory queuing, hand washing etc. Dual-Language and Symbolic options can be developed to suit customer need. Child-friendly options can be created.

Aircraft Type(s)

Suitable for all aircraft and airlines who are updating their operating procedures to comply with recent guidelines.


The interior placard installation will be delivered with an Atlantic Aviation Group EASA Part 21J Minor Change and approved SB for installation on nominated aircraft.


  • Airlines can create and have installed custom designs and text content to meet their specific needs, as operating procedures vary between airlines and national authority.
  • Quick turn-around with our suppliers.
  • A cost-effective solution.

Tech Specifications

  • Placards are produced from Gerber Print Foil, Gerber Lexedge substrate and 3M 468MP Transfer Tape.
  • To be applied throughout the passenger compartment;
    • Seatbacks & trays (full shipset to suit seating layout)
    • Lavatories (doors [interior and exterior] & above sink basin)
    • Galley areas (advisory for crew)
  • Decals are produced from 3M Aircraft Exterior Graphic Film
  • CofC as standard for kits, EASA Form 1 for Kits can be provided at additional cost