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Meet Sharon George, Check Administrator


Meet Sharon George, Check Administrator

Sharon joined Atlantic Aviation Group in January 2020 and is a key member of our Planning team. Working as a Check Administrator, Sharon’s role involves carrying out Planning duties throughout an aircraft check, preparing status reports and auditing closed job cards. We caught up with Sharon to learn more about her experience in Atlantic Aviation Group. 


Can you tell me about yourself and your career so far?  When did you join the team at Atlantic Aviation Group and how has your experience been?

My aviation career began in January 2020, when I was offered the role of Check Administrator in AAG Planning department. I was still a fresh graduate at that point, stoked about the idea of working in a hangar and dealing with aircraft checks like I have always wanted to. I majored in Aeronautical Engineering in college and I knew from my research about the various facets of this industry that the most exciting place to start would be in an MRO. Nearing completion of one year now, I can say my experience in AAG has been nothing short of incredible. I get to do something new every day and learn from knowledgeable colleagues whose guidance has immensely helped me grow. 

What inspired you to work in aviation (Aircraft Maintenance/Design/CAMO/Training)?

Our interests vary as we grow older and understand ourselves better; my love for airplanes though, has stayed with me from the time I can remember. So when the time came to choose a career path, there was no second thought. I wanted to build my life around something I love and will be excited about, forever.

Can you describe to me what it is like to work in your department/team?

There is great camaraderie in our department. It is easy to get along with the team members and approach them for help. And even on the busiest of days, we don’t feel under pressure because the team is such fun to work with.

What is a typical day at work for you? What are some of your favourite tasks to do/projects to work on?

Some of the tasks I do can vary between. The function of my job role is to carry out planning duties throughout the duration of an aircraft check. I act as the point of contact for the customer as well as internal departments for all queries regarding the check. It involves a lot of communication; the first thing I do every morning is catch up on my emails. Followed by that would be auditing closed job cards, preparing a report of the status of the check and taking part in meetings as required. I also have to ensure that all documentation is up to date and maintain tallies of job cards. It sounds routine but having worked in this role, I can’t remember when two checks were the same. My favourite part about this role is preparing for Aircraft Release. It can get stressful, but is satisfying, nevertheless.

What are the benefits to working in AAG?

I find AAG an excellent place to learn. Although I operate in the MRO, I get to liaise with our CAMO and PART 21 very often and understand various aspects of this field. Also we can take up courses offered by the training institute if relevant to our job roles.

What’s your favourite thing about working in AAG?

On some days as I drive in, I get to see very closely an aircraft taking off/ landing. That makes me happy and gives me one of those moments when you feel just…grateful for life. Other than working with Pat O’Toole, needless to say.  

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Being the best at everything I do.

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