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Meet Oskar Scott, Inspector

Meet Oskar Scott, Inspector

Oskar began his career at Atlantic Aviation Group in 2015, joining the team as an Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Since then, his career has progressed to his current role as Inspector. Working in our MRO, Oskar’s role involves working through any work stoppages that may arise and carrying out system functional and operational tests on the engines and landing gear systems. We caught up with Oskar to learn more about his experience in Atlantic Aviation Group.

Can you tell me about yourself and your career so far? When did you join the team at Atlantic Aviation Group and how has your experience been?

I joined Atlantic Aviation Group in 2015 as an Apprentice after completing my Leaving Cert. I went through AAG’S 4 year apprenticeship program and I qualified in October 2019 with my B1 licence and a Level 6 Advanced certificate in Aircraft Mechanics, I found the experience to be quite challenging but an enjoyable one. In 2019 I was given the opportunity to sit my first type course on the B737NG.  Early last year I gained my P1 Approval on the B737Ng which has been a very exciting development for my career as I progress from mechanic to Inspector. I have also recently gained my B767 approval and I hope to add more Aircraft types to my approval over the coming months. 

What inspired you to work in aviation (Aircraft Maintenance/Design/CAMO/Training)?

From a young age I was fascinated by Aircraft, I used to beg my parents to bring me to the Airport to watch them. Little did I know back then that I would be inspecting those same Aircraft. I had a great interest in all things mechanical too. I used to take bikes and go carts apart to see how they worked which then moved on to fixing cars. When I heard about Aircraft Apprenticeships I knew it was the career for me. 

Can you describe to me what it is like to work in your department/team?

I am lucky to be part of such great team on Line 3, I look forward to going to work everyday to see what challenges we may have to deal with . We are a great team of professionals who achieve our targets as we are committed to producing an excellent product while having a bit of craic along the way.

What is a typical day at work for you? What are some of your favourite tasks to do/projects to work on?

My day usually starts at 8am, I meet my crew leader and we all have a team meeting before we start work, we outline our tasks for the day and work through any problems or work stoppages we have or may encounter throughout the day. Some of my favourite tasks to do on the Aircraft are prechecks , I enjoy carrying out system functional or operational tests on the engines and landing gear systems. I don’t have a specific task that I enjoy but I get great satisfaction knowing that the Aircraft is safe to fly. 

What are the benefits to working in AAG?

The benefits for working at AAG are its focus on people development, it is an excellent company to upskill its own employees with its dedication to people development. Its great to see the staff that have joined the company as apprentices now in managerial roles. Time in lieu is very convenient for building additional holiday hours on top of annual leave. 

What’s your favourite thing about working in AAG?

My favourite thing about AAG is the people that are working here, People make the business an enjoyable environment. Having good craic while getting the work done is what makes AAG a great place to work.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Id love to be able to fly, I spend all day fixing machines built to fly so why not be able to fly myself.


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