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Meet Mikey Halton, Avionics Technician

Meet Mikey Halton, Avionics Technician

 Mikey began his career at Atlantic Aviation Group in 2015, he has diversified his role in the business and spent time in various departments before beginning the AAG Apprenticeship Programme in 2016 and moving to his current role as an Avionics Technician. Working in our MRO, Mikey’s days can vary from troubleshooting faulty systems to testing, to replacing parts or carrying out modifications. We caught up with Mikey to learn more about his experience in Atlantic Aviation Group.


Can you tell me about yourself and your career so far?  When did you join the team at Atlantic Aviation Group and how has your experience been?

Before joining Atlantic Aviation Group, I spent two years at university. I decided it was not for me and it was time to seek a more practical approach. Initially I started working within various departments in AAG – it was then that I learned about the apprenticeship that Atlantic Aviation Group offer and it sounded like a perfect fit! I first joined AAG in 2015 and I commenced my apprenticeship in 2016. I qualified as aircraft mechanic and avionics engineer in 2020. My experience to date has been an absolute blast!

What inspired you to work in aviation (Aircraft Maintenance/Design/CAMO/Training)?

From a very young age it was always inevitable that I would find a career within this business sector. I commenced my flight training in my mid-teens and I could fly before I could legally drive. I first flew an aeroplane solo at 16 and I qualified as a pilot at the age of 17. For many years I have had an interest in all things to do with engineering and I enjoy working with my hands so a career working in heavy aircraft maintenance was a perfect fit. 

Can you describe to me what it is like to work in your department/team?

My specialist area is avionics. The avionics team here in AAG is made up of a great collective of aviation professionals. Everyone is very helpful, very supportive and hugely experienced across many aircraft types. My team members have a huge willingness to continually share knowledge, offer support and give practical advice. It is an absolute pleasure to work with them on a daily basis.

What is a typical day at work for you? What are some of your favourite tasks to do/projects to work on?

My day usually starts at 8 am. We would usually start with a morning meeting or I would have a discussion with my crew leader where I would be assigned my work for the day. I enjoy all aspects of my job from troubleshooting a faulty system to testing, to replacing parts or carrying out a modification. It’s all very interesting and the day generally passes very quickly! The work is always very varied. This is one of the many reasons why I like working in avionics. We always find time to have a bit of fun and a laugh too which I think is very important! 

What are the benefits to working in AAG?

The biggest benefit I found from working in AAG is the experience that you can gain. I have worked on a number of Boeing types, in various areas. I have worked in base maintenance and line maintenance and I have also had the chance to work in other departments within the company too, from helping out with training apprentices to talent acquisition. All of this experience would not have been possible without my colleagues – the people that work in AAG, who I believe are the companies best asset.

What’s your favourite thing about working in AAG?

Not only do I enjoy the work itself, but I also enjoy being able to work in the aviation industry on a daily basis. AAG is a fantastic place to build not only your technical skills, but your interpersonal skills and teamwork skills. My favourite thing about working in AAG is being able to learn these skills from our experienced workforce. Skills you can carry with you throughout your career.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

I would like to be a Life-Long-Learner. I believe it’s a super power because having the motivation and the ability to learn and grow throughout your life is an essential quality in today’s fast changing world.    


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