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Meet John Lillis, Shops & Tooling Project Leader

At Atlantic Aviation Group (AAG), we take pride in guiding our people to set and achieve their career goals. In this week’s #TalentThursday, meet John Lillis our Support Shops & Tooling Project Leader at Atlantic Aviation Group.


What inspired you to work in Aircraft Maintenance?

I always had an interest in mechanics. Aviation and how aircraft could fly always intrigued me. When the opportunity arose to apply for the Aircraft Maintenance apprenticeship I jumped at it.

Where did you work prior to AAG?

Did my leaving certificate in June 1998 and joined AAG (Shannon MRO at the time) as an apprentice mechanic in Sept 1998. I’ve been here ever since!

How long have you been an employee in AAG and what positions have you held since you began your career here? 

Joined in September 1998 as an apprentice mechanic and qualified in 2002. I then became wings and tail crew leader in 2004. Moving forward, I then became a Licensed engineer on Boeing 737 Classic in 2005. I then added B737NG,B757 and B767 type ratings to my license in 2006. After that I added the “C” rating for all Boeing aircraft in 2007 and aircraft weighing certification. I spent the next couple of years working on all zones of the aircraft as a licensed engineer and performing Certificate of Release to Service duties.

What is your current role in AAG and what does a day in AAG look like for you?

Currently I am the Support Shops & Tooling Project Leader. I work with up to eight people in the support shops and three people in the tooling department.  A lot of my day is spent interacting with the different departments and numerous people to try and achieve the required goals for that day. I am lucky to be in the position I am in, I get the work with a lot of external airlines and other MRO’s when it comes to tooling and AOG situations.

What are the benefits to working in AAG?

Living so close to work is a major benefit. Little to no traffic on my commute to work every day. The fact that I can be home or into work in less than 15 minutes is great. Also, the flexibility of the management and staff is a major benefit. The opportunities of progression is also a great opportunity, especially for those starting out in aviation industry.

What’s your favorite thing about working in AAG?

I would have to say the employees. The employees make AAG a great place to work. There is always a friendly face, a bit of banter and when you need help, there is always someone there you can turn to for support.

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