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Design Services Customer Satisfaction

Case Study: How we deliver superior customer satisfaction

Fast Easa Part 21 modification delivery

The Atlantic Aviation Group Design Services team recently received an urgent query for one of our customers for a placard modification which we quickly turned around and delivered within 24 hours. The Placards were required for a flight to meet a paint slot the next day.

Our team in Shannon quickly established the scope of the work and, despite a number of customer alterations, delivered the modification in time for the customer who had a very tight deadline.

We aim to deliver a superior service to our small customer base who in turn know that they can rely on our team to react to their evolving needs. Get in touch with us today to find out first-hand how quickly the Atlantic Aviation Group Design Services team can respond to your needs.

Customer Comment:

As a Lessor/Servicer, when we are in a repossession situation (as was the case with MSN 1571), we end up in the position where we need to respond quickly, to any and all opportunities that can get the asset moving again.

What can be a major differentiation factor is the ability to respond quickly and positively to any opportunity that arises. That is only possible when we work with industry partners that themselves have both that ability to respond and possess a professional mind-set that produces the excellent outcomes that AAG have done on all of the projects we have worked on together to date.

I’m looking forward to the next project and working with all the AAG team again in the near future.

Ian Hegarty
DVB Bank, Project Manager