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Meet Mikey Halton

Why did you decide to do an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Apprenticeship?

From a very young age it was always inevitable I would find a career within this business sector, for many years I have had a huge interest in all things aviation. I also enjoy working with my hands so this apprenticeship was a perfect fit.

Were you always interested in aviation?

Aeroplanes have always fascinated me. I commenced my flight training in my mid teens and I could fly before I could legally drive. I qualified as a pilot at the age of 17.

What do you like about the Apprenticeship training provided by Atlantic Aviation Group?

Before joining Atlantic Aviation Group as an apprentice I spent two years at university. I decided it was not for me and it was time to seek a more practical approach. This apprenticeship programme is practical and it’s aviation! That’s what I love about it. Classroom learning coupled with an opportunity to immediately practice your skills and develop your knowledge and experience. One can clearly feel their career progress and see how it can develop in the years ahead.

What is a typical day like working as an Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

My specialist area is Avionics. The work is enjoyable and incredibly varied. No two days are the same. A typical day also includes some good fun and a laugh with my work colleagues.

How would you describe the Trainers at Atlantic Aviation Group?

A great bunch of guys. Very helpful, very supportive and of course hugely experienced across many aircraft types. Their willingness to continually share knowledge, offer support and give practical advice will ensure my skills are second to none when I have completed my apprenticeship.

Do you think you’ve chose the right career path?

Absolutely. The training gives such an understanding across so many areas that practically any career in the aviation sector could be considered with such an excellent base as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

What would your advice be to someone thinking about doing an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Apprenticeship with Atlantic Aviation Group?

If you have good dexterity, enjoy working with your hands and have a mechanical mind, this apprenticeship will most certainly be for you. A second piece of advice I would give, assuming aviation is your thing, would be to definitely recommend an apprenticeship with Atlantic Aviation Group. The trainers, facilities, work environment, my work colleagues and of course the job opportunities, all add up to a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

How can I apply to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Apprenticeship Programme?

Applications for our 2020 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Apprenticeship are now closed. Those interested can learn more about the programme, and how you can apply, visit our website here.