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Meet Florian Byrnes


Why did you decide to do an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Apprenticeship?

I was always interested in becoming a pilot but it was just too expensive to do it. I was also interested in becoming a car mechanic so I guess I just married these two interests. I actually turned down a college course in Physics because I realised doing this Apprenticeship would be much more enjoyable as I like fixing things.

Were you always interested in aviation?

As I said, I was always interested in becoming a pilot. I became interested in aviation after seeing the Atlantic Aviation Group stand at a careers fair I went to. I wouldn’t have known anything about Aircraft Maintenance before this.

What do you like about the Apprenticeship training provided by Atlantic Aviation Group?

The work is just so varied. You get different jobs every day of the week so you can never be bored. You also get so much responsibility as you prove yourself as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. More is expected from you each year as trust is built which is a great challenge.

What is a typical day like working as an Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

I like that there is no typical day. Every day is different, that’s what makes it so exciting. I have the attitude that if you’re going to do a job worth doing, do it right.

How would you describe the Trainers at Atlantic Aviation Group?

The trainers here are second to none. I think the fact that the National and WorldSkills champions have come out of here says it all really. I find it very easy to ask for guidance from the team as they are all really knowledgeable and open to teaching you on-the-job. I would be confident to walk into any hanger across Europe and know that I could do a great job because of the training I got here in Atlantic Aviation Group.

Do you think you’ve chose the right career path?

I am very proud to say what type of work I do. The pathways really open up once you qualify and that is great to know while you’re doing the Apprenticeship.

What would your advice be to someone thinking about doing an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Apprenticeship with Atlantic Aviation Group?

Firstly, the really great thing about doing an Apprenticeship is that there is no big financial outlay. You start earning a wage straight away. This gives you a chance to find your feet in life and you don’t have to worry about student loans. I think it is very beneficial to have a general interest in fixing things as that is what you are doing at the end of the day. From a life experience point of view, it is great to deal with so many different nationalities and we have great crack in our job and in the classroom.