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AAG DOA Portable ELT Solution

Portable ELT Drawing

Atlantic Aviation Group DOA Portable ELT Solution

Atlantic Aviation Group (AAG) Design Services are delighted to announce that they now have the capability to provide the installation of a portable ELT solution. With the final release of EASA’s special condition on Non-rechargeable Lithium Battery Installations, it has become increasingly difficult to identify, classify and install equipment with lithium battery power sources.

AAG Design Services having recognized this, identified a new Techtest 500-32 series ELT which is compliant with the latest EASA requirements and working with our customers successfully received EASA approval for the installation of the new ELT unit which has the potential to be installed in any aircraft. Techtest, part of the HR Smith Group, are recognised as a world leader in the design and supply of ELT devices.

Minimal materials are required for the installation. The Supplied ELT has a very small form factor and can be installed within easy access to the cabin crew. The Techtest unit is compliant with rtca DO-227A / TSO-C142b and can be installed under a minor design change.

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